ATN Bangla UK is on Sky TV Channel 827. One of tonight’s topics on the magazine  programme  called “Alapcharita” is “A Season of Bangla Drama”.

Hanbury Street E1 off Brick Lane where is situated  the Brady Arts Centre .


Dr. Mukid Choudhury explained  The Movement Theatre and described the play he will direct on 3rd November at the Brady Arts Centre.

Director Amina Ali read some scripts. Forceful was the actor Rez Kabir  talking about the play “Londonee”.

He added saying  that to many people Bangladesh is a place full of poverty, disaster and despair. “Londonee” is part of a fabulous celebration of rich Bengali culture. The use of “Londonee” as a derogatory term was touched. The clash of generations was also explored.

What was amazing to me was the amount of air time given over to a Season so important. So often interviews are rushed so that we only get a snapshot of what’s coming up for us to feast on! Here there were considered conversations and questions and answers.