When you need a clone, eh? When you need to get to all the magical plays and dramas, seminars and buzz around the Season of Bangla Drama. Facebook tells me what I’ve missed and I can tell myself what to look forward to. “Bonbibi” at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green Road went down a treat. Well done everyone.

Tonight I shall go to the Brady Arts Centre in Whitechapel E1 to enjoy first of all the exhibition “Retrospective” a display journal of the lead up to the festival of Bangla arts.  Always good to see how it’s done but also to enjoy another visual feast. Maraz Ahmed curated that with students from “Hands on Fashion” learning from him.

I’ll be in it to see “Hey Mahajibon-The Great Life”  and my friend, a lover of Tagore, will be with me. The director for tonight’s plays is Dr Ananda Gupta. Looking forward to performances full of music and drama and deep considerations about Buddha, mercy and forgiveness.

Again tomorrow I shall be in Whitechapel,  at the Idea Store for the Writeidea Festival  for some discussion with Owen Jones, a sell-out afternoon. Mercy and forgiveness are not on the agenda.