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Coming up this week on SkyArts 2  today noon until 1pm Series 1 Episodes 1 and 2 of “Prithviraj Chauhan”. Here is the  epic Hindi drama series about the warrior king Prithviraj and his love life. Continues all week.

AND lots of Shakespeare too with “The Tempest” starring Dame Helen Mirren AND “Othello” followed  by “Henry IV” next Monday. Ooh telly nights.

In real life of course “A Season of Bangla Drama”  goes into heady heights on Friday with “Londonee”. Cannot wait.


All dressed up to see Tagore’s comedies

Radio station Betar Bangla showcased “A Season Of Bangla Drama” tonight at 8.45pm. That’s Betar Bangla on 1503 mw.

Dr  Mukid Choudhury took phone calls about the upcoming season of drama at the Brady Arts Centre. He spoke about “Ekti Asharhe Shopno” aka “A Fantastic Dream” being based on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and stressed how the theatre is about physicality and movement.

He answered another caller and talked about Tagore,  intergenerational theatre, and the Movement Theatre.

The season is aimed primarily at the Bengali speaking community in London’s east end.

Other calls were addressed to the other studio guests who included Selina Shelley (“Jamuna”)  and Dr. Sheik Selim (arts and literature ambassador for Tower Hamlets).

One of the remarkable things about Humayun’s long and distinguished literary career is his influence. His writing is so influential that people not only get psychological pleasure from reading his books, but usually end up becoming fans of his fictional characters, such as Himu, Misir Ali, and Baker Bhai. His creations generate the smells, sounds, and vibrations of feelings and moods, which are more powerful than all the unused hydrogen bombs in the United States. However, in death, Humayun’s celebrity seems likely to exceed his popularity, even at the height of his fame. His funeral, which was held in Dhaka on Tuesday, became a Super Bowl-like event: millions of Bengalis from all walks of life flocked to the Central Shaheed Minar yesterday to say “Hasta la vista, Humayun Sir.”