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                                                     Theatre Royal Stratford East (TRSE) OpenStage 2012.
                                  Here was a volunteering project to promote the local theatre to the local community in the lead up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Theatre Royal is in Stratford E15 and is one theatre which supports writers and actors from our ethnically diverse communities and attracts an equally diverse and appreciative audience.
                                 I was a pioneer Open Stage 2012 volunteer, doing market-research by interviewing shoppers and passers by in the Stratford Mall well before the rise of Westfield E20. It was a pleasure.

My friend Audrey Jones,  a member of the University of the Third Age,  is a regular visitor to The Tagore Centre in North London and is an admirer and follower of Tagore.

She gave a presentation a couple of years back and today kindly read her dissertation to me over the phone. I plucked out major chunks as part of my personal research into the arts and culture of Bengal.

Tagore 1861-1941 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature 1913. In England he lived in Hampstead and attended University College London.

A song without a melody is like a butterfly with its wings clipped.

There where the whole world unites is the nest.

Tagore created a spiritual climate in his own soul.

The relationship between God and Man and Nature is circular. No one of the three is more important than the other.

Tagore loved story-tellers and story-telling, the Bengali language and literature, nature, and wanted the human race to be a melting pot of cultures and people.

He was not a Buddhist.

Come learn more on Saturday 10th November at the Brady Arts Centre E1

In the early hours I read Rahima Begum’s review of Saturday night’s performance at the Brady Arts Centre E1. I love her description of the pattering feet and bells and totally applaud , like she does,the set designers. Magical just as “Midsummer Night’s Dream” is to many. It’s theatre and not reality so we must look at it from that perspective where stories, dance and music intertwine. The poster art for “A Season of Bangla Drama”  does it for me.

Sunday 4th Nov 2300h.Using BBC Iplayer Radio. The interview is with writer and director, Sayeem Choudhury, talking about mental health issues and “Jibon Jokhon Furaye Jay”. The presenting organisation is the Bangladesh Udichi Shilpi Goshti Uk which promotes Bangla Culture through drama, dance and music.

Playing 11th November at Brady Arts Centre. E1

I am Cinderella and belong to the RAGWORKS collection. I am showing off here because of

“A Season Of Bangla Drama 2012” for I can dance and I am gorgeous. Do you know I’m hand-made and composed of refreshed and recycled textiles?

I was recently displayed at the Hornbeam Café in Walthamstow as part of Black History Month awareness.  I may well be at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green  on Sunday 4th November if I can be hung.  I saw no picture rail.

I’ve been hung in the lovely welcoming  Stratford PictureHouse for a month and at The Mill in Coppermill Lane.

I am RAGWORKS  Cinderella.

This is Tagore’s signature in Bengali script

The Tagore Centre UK is the country’s number one institution dedicated to promoting the work and life of Rabindranath Tagore.  The Centre, founded in May 1985, is primarily a substantial lending library of Tagore’s work and life. We also organise performances, seminars, exhibitions and master classes run by and featuring renowned artists and scholars from the UK and all over the world.
The main centre is based in London but we also have a branch in Glasgow. We are a voluntary organisation that relies on donations, membership fees, ticket sales, funding and publication sales.
Our biggest achievement to date has been to secure Rabindranath Tagore’s work in the National Curriculum for schools in England and Wales, ensuring that children of all cultures are able to enjoy Tagore’s work and life.
Library The Centre is primarily a substantial lending library consisting of books, journals, photographs, CDs and videos of Tagore and his work. The majority of these are in English and available to all our members. As a publishing house, we have produced books aimed at children, students, scholars and the general public – many of these are translations of Tagore’s actual stories as well as information about the man himself. All of our publications, which we commission and produce, are in English.
Performances and exhibitions In addition to our publishing work, we organise theatre productions, dance performances and visual arts exhibitions by renowned artists from overseas, as well as homegrown talent from the UK. Many of these are based on Tagore’s work and to ensure we reach all audiences many of these events are held in venues ranging from local schools and theatres to more established ones such as the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.
Lectures, seminars and workshops The Tagore Centre regularly runs seminars, workshops and classes based on Tagore’s work as well as holding lectures given by distinguished scholars in their specialist fields with topics based on Tagore and his work. These are held at the Centre as well as other venues and all members are welcome to attend.
Contact details
Main Centre and Lending Library: Alexandra Park Library, Alexandra Park Road, London N22 7UJ
Telephone 020 8444 6751